ANTONIO BIAGGI - European brand of footwear and accessories.
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Antonio Biaggi

ANTONIO BIAGGI - European brand of footwear and accessories, who had since its inception in 2006, to win a strong position in the footwear market. Retail network includes more than 50 company stores, which operate successfully in Europe and Asia.

Each season, the brand is a collection of more than 800 models of shoes, handbags 200 models and a wide range of accessories (wallets, belts, hats and textiles). Only natural materials, branded accessories and completeness of the product on the principle of «total look» - a business card of the brand. Today articles ANTONIO BIAGGI manufactured in Italy, Portugal, China and Brazil. 

ANTONIO BIAGGI - is not only a guide to the world of fashion to millions of customers in the middle segment, but also approved a successful business project for franchisee partners.

+38 (032) 229-59-30

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