Irene BukurTM - is the first Ukrainian brand which produce premium biotic cosmetics.
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Irene Bukur

Irene BukurTM - is the first Ukrainian brand which produce premium biotic cosmetics. Irene BukurTM products have been known on the market since 2009. During this time many items have become bestsellers and earned the clients’ trust.

There’re more than 30 Irene BukurTM monobrand stores in Ukraine. Brand offers an impressive range of cosmetics including skincare products (effective anti-age programs are available as well), hair care line, body items and perfumes.

Irene BukurTM fully controls the process of creating cosmetics from the development of formulas to the packaging. At the heart of the brand's DNA is the concept of the biotic cosmetics based on using only fresh highly concentrated plant extracts and oils. Each product contain 75-80% of fresh ingredients. High-tech production allows saving all beneficial properties of natural ingredients. Carefully selected herbal components work in synergy providing best results for health and beauty. Irene BukurTMcosmetics aimed at solving the problem, rather than masking it.

Irene BukurTM laboratories are located in Ukraine and Switzerland. Brand specialists collaborate with professionals from other European countries improving formulas and exploring new technologies and trends in cosmetics’ production.

Irene BukurTM biotic cosmetics really work as evidenced by numerous reviews of clients. Beauty products meet the highest international standards.

+38 (044) 221-26-92

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