Marks & Spencer is one of the few brands in Ukraine which offers various styles of clothing:...
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Marks & Spencer

Everything started with one penny....
Great Britain, Leeds, year 1884. Bazaar opened by Michael Marks offered to the population the wide range of goods only for one penny. The sign “Don`t ask the price, it`s a penny” aroused the huge interest of the customers. That is how the business of the name Marks started…
In some time the contribution to the quite profitable business was made by Thomas Spencer, who invested to his business 300 pounds. From that historical moment has been started the development of the one of the biggest brands – Marks&Spencer.   
Nowadays Marks & Spencer is a world famous British retail brand, which offers its customers a wide range ladieswear, menswear, shoes, high quality lingerie, manufactured according to the newest innovative technologies, as well as accessories and cosmetics. Furthermore, it is one of the few brands in Ukraine, which offers various styles of clothing: Classic, Fashion, Casual, Formal Wear, Smart Casual, Active Wear.

+38 (032) 229-59-32

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