«Zolota Kraina» is a jewelry chain that presents precious jewelry from the best Ukrainian...
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Jewelry store «Zolota Kraina»

«Zolota Kraina» is a jewelry chain that presents precious jewelry from the best Ukrainian manufacturers. Each jewelery undergoes rigorous quality control at all stages of production and before branding in the assay chamber.

The jewelry store «Zolota Kraina»  presents jewelry that harmoniously combines classic traditions and modern trends in jewelry fashion. Product collections are constantly replenished and include various types of earrings, rings, chains, bracelets, pendants of various subjects, jewelry with diamonds and other precious stones, women's and men's accessories.

Wedding rings from «Zolota Kraina»  will be an excellent choice for couples who appreciate exquisite jewelry. The collection of wedding rings is the epitome of exquisite style, tradition and modern trends. We present both classic smooth and combined models, as well as wedding rings with diamonds and cubic zirconias, with a diamond edge or with enamel.

The brand «Zolota Kraina»  - combines the beauty and quality of jewelry, a wide range of products from the best Ukrainian manufacturers, a high level of service and design that is in line with world trends.

Our goal is to give positive emotions to each buyer and to give the opportunity to express their feelings in a jewelry gift!


Hot line 0 800 303 903 (free of charge from all numbers in Ukraine)

+38 (080) 030-39-03

Закохуйся в осінь разом із “Золота Країна”!


Закохуйся в осінь разом із “Золота Країна”!

Купуй прикраси у мережі Золота Країна та отримуй кешбек 100 грн. з кожної 1000 грн.

Акція діє до 31 жовтня.

Умовами Акції передбачена знижка 100 грн. за кожну повну 1000 грн. у чеку.

Детальні умови Акції та адреси магазинів, що беруть участь в Акції, можна дізнатися за телефоном гарячої лінії: 0 800 303 903 або на сайті