Lazer Maze Attraction
MON-SUN: 10am-10pm
+38 (098) 311-06-70
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Lazer Maze

Lazer Maze Attraction is one of the most interesting and spectacular attractions as it is suitable for people of all age categories.  The main point of the game is that the participant, who entered the maze, should come across the cobweb of lazer rays and should not touch any of them. If a player touches one or several rays, he hears the signal, the ray disappears and the system adds penalty time. Besides, there can be rain, wind and lightning making the tasks more difficult and interesting!

The QUEST - “The robbery of the century”

A lot of puzzles, enigmas, surprises and traps – all this in 60-minute group game “The robbery of the century”. A group of 2-5 people have 60 minutes to overcome all obstacles, to solve the puzzles and to manage to get outside with a precious treasure! Be attentive! There are a lot of surprises and traps in the middle of the room!  You just need to be attentive, careful and think logically. Within 60 minutes you should find a precious treasure and a key to get outside!!! (Be careful! There will be a lot of tips as well as traps).

+38 (098) 311-06-70 (Kyivstar)