Varenyky is a classical Ukrainian dish prepared of a boiled dough and vegetable, fruit, meat and...
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Varenyky tut

Different combinations of a boiled dough and vegetable, fruit, meat or other filling give a special taste and high calorie to varenyky. The combination of vegetable and animal proteins enrich the food in amino acid indispensable to a human body.  

By changing the filling varenyky can be served as hot dish (varenyky with potato fried with bacon and onion), second course (varenyky with meat) and desert (varenyky with cheese, jam or berries).

“Varenyky TUT” trademark has been created in 2009. Despite its young age, the trademark has already established itself as a successful, profitable and original project, which can provoke competition even with those companies that are the leaders on Ukrainian market.

+38 (067) 320-32-42