The Last Pre-war Batch of Azovstal Was Made into Bracelets to Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Last Pre-war Batch of Azovstal Was Made into Bracelets to Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A Symbol of Perseverance: the Last Pre-war Batch of Azovstal Was Made into Bracelets to Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A presentation regarding the 'Azovstal. A Symbol of Perseverance' took place in Kyiv. It’s the first joint project of the UNITED24 fundraising platform and the Metinvest Group which used the last pre-war batch of the legendary Azovsta” to raise funds to support Ukraine during the war. The first phase of the initiative is a charity release of bracelets made of legendary steel. Bracelets can be purchased for 1,500 UAH on the UNITED24 website, at SOVA brand stores, or ordered via Nova Poshta. All proceeds from the sale will go towards drone procurement to strengthen Ukrainian defenders at the front.

Each bracelet is made of 5 grams of steel produced on the rolling mill 3600 at the Azovstal plant. In 1981, a spaceship launch shaft was made out of such steel, and in 2012, a new sarcophagus at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In 2022, the sheet-rolling shop, where mill 3600 worked for many years, became one of the places where the protectors of Mariupol heroically defended their steel fortress.

The project presentation took place next to the largest flag of Ukraine, and the 17-meter inscription "I believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine." The letters, also made from Azovstal, will be there until November 1.

"The word "Azovstal" changed from the plant's name into a common one, becoming the symbol of courage and spirit of the entire people,” says Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. “We dedicate this project to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the world’s most indomitable people, as well as to every Ukrainian, defending his land. Thanks to your donations via UNITED24, the Army of Drones has already purchased almost a thousand UAVs for the front. The ‘Symbol of Perseverance’ will help strengthen our defenders with new crucial drones”

"Today, our steel has become a symbol of Ukrainian perseverance. Metinvest Group has been supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine since the first days of the war by supplying steel for the construction of defense structures, producing body armor and mobile shelters, buying vehicles, thermographic cameras and drones,” commented Yuriy Ryzhenkov, General Director of Metinvest Group. — The last pre-war batch of Azovstal steel will help the defenders of Ukraine. I believe that one day we will return to Mariupol and rebuild the legendary plant."

The bracelets, featuring the engraved coat of arms of Ukraine, were designed by the SOVA jewelry house. During the implementation of the idea, they were guided by two key factors: the limited amount of steel itself, which cannot be replenished, and the large amount of product, because thousands of people would like to have such a bracelet.

The first batch of bracelets consists of 10,000 items, worth 1,500 UAH each. The project partner, Nova Poshta, will deliver them throughout Ukraine. They can be received at any NP branch or parcel locker, or purchased at one of the SOVA brand stores.

"Each of the 10,000 Azovstal bracelets goes through several stages of production, which are performed by SOVA jewelers themselves, from grinding, engraving to tying paracord knots,” says Lyudmila Sova, General director of the SOVA jewelry house “We had a limited amount of materials and tried to use every gram of steel as rationally as possible. Also, paracord wasn't chosen for no reason; this is the kind of cord used by our military. It can withstand up to 250 kilograms and further emphasizes the idea of strength in the bracelet."

"Azovstal. A symbol of perseverance... the russians have ruined, but couldn’t destroy the legendary plant. The last batch of its metal will continue to fight back the enemy, turning into UAVs of the Army of Drones,says Vyacheslav Klymov, Co-founder of Nova Poshta. “Nova Poshta definitely joins the project: at our own expense, we will deliver these bracelets to any corner of the country, from Shayan to Izium, from Chernihiv to Ochakiv, and eventually, to any spot in the world. No matter how many challenges Ukrainians face, we will never give up. Together, we are holding the home front and working towards the victory."

You can see the Azovstal letters, from October 6 to November 1, at:

Memorial complex "National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War."

Buy a bracelet:

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