SOVA is a jewelry trendsetter brand that uses collections to introduce new goods and demonstrates...
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SOVA is a jewelry trendsetter brand that uses collections to introduce new goods and demonstrates bravery, willingness to experiments and freedom.

Abbreviation SOVA stands for main values of the brand:

S - stylish and having a good taste

O - open for everything new and experiments

V - voicing - expresses its position in every collection and project

A - amazes and surprises with its design decisions, matches and collaborations.

The majority of SOVA jewelry pieces possess laconic and minimalistic style. The brand experiments with design, which reflects in new SOVA collaborations. The style of jewelry echoes fashion trends emphasizing a modern appeal.

SOVA jewelry house was one of the first companies that started collaborating with Ukrainian designers. There was a collaboration with the brand "LAKE Studio" in 2014, Soul - in 2018 (featuring Marsala), 2019 - SOVA × Litkovskaya, 2019 and 2020 - For Love in collaboration with FROLOV. Collaboration "SOVA x The HARDKISS" was presented in 2021.





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+38 (044) 393-75-11
+38 (050) 379-13-41 (МTS)

Halloween Sale в SOVA!


Halloween Sale at SOVA!

Devilish discounts on angel jewelry!

October 13 to 31, 2021

-50% on decorations from the special section

up to -50% on jewelry from the main catalog


Discount does not apply to For Mom, Story, The HARDKISS, Breeze, Chain Band, Classic wedding rings.

The discount does not interact with jewelry from the Outlet section.

There is a discount on wedding rings: Style - when buying one unit -30%, when buying two units -35%, Diamond - 35%.

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