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brabrabra is a part of Silenza Group and represents a new lingerie paradise in Ukraine.
MON-SUN: 10am-8pm
+38 (032) 232-81-57
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We really know what is important for every woman. That is why we would like to present you a new concept of Milavitsa boutique which is called brabrabra. If you ask us what does it mean, we are more than pleased to explain to you.

First of all, it is a new format of our fitting-rooms. Every fitting room in brabrabra boutique has comfortable and relax atmosphere with a perfect light, especially for selfie.

Secondly, we have a new design of boutique that represents our philosophy: femininity, lightness and comfort. It is easy to make a right choice in brabrabra, as we have more than 30 models of lingerie. 

Finally, every client can feel our special service from our masters of style. The main goals of brabrabra is to make you feel comfort. Individual attention to every client is the main rule. 

It is not even a half of what we can offer to you. 

We invite you to make an unforgettable journey to our lingerie world!


+38 (032) 232-81-57

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