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Lerros is a German trademark which offers elegant and sport clothing for men and women from 25 till...
MON-SUN: 10am-8pm
+38 (032) 232-96-50
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LERROS is one of the most prestigious brands of clothes! 

LERROS creates casual clothes from natural fabrics and free style combines with the German restraint. Designers have developed and maintained in the collections LERROS style "of city adventure"! Their participant is free and self-confident, and leads an active way of life.

LERROS invites all - fashion LERROS hasn't any age restrictions. Designers offer to try on the lifestyle of freedom and confidence to all who leads an active way of life and values the time.

To know life.

                      Discover the new.

                                                  From day to day.

                                                                              Together with LERROS!


+38 (032) 232-96-50
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