CCC store chain is one of the most recognizable in Poland.
MON-SUN: 10am - 10pm
+38 (050) 432-74-87
Discounts up to 70%
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CCC store chain is one of the most recognizable in Poland. CCC’s sales policy is based on the principle of «house of brands», meaning sale of various brands of shoes under one roof. Sales of footwear proceed under its own brands (Lasocki, Clara Barson) as well the other brands.

CCC Stores are located in large and medium cities across Poland and Europe. The chain includes more than 400 stores.

In addition to a wide range of women's shoes, CCC offers unique design men’s shoes, also remembering about the smallest customers. Each new season CCC stores offer a wide range of women's handbags.

+38 (050) 432-74-87 (МTS)

Розпродаж у ССС!


У ССС триває великий літній розпродаж! Знижки до -70% на вибрані моделі взуття, сумок і аксесуарів.

Пропозиція діє з 1 липня. Деталі в магазинах.