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Reima - small changes everything! Buy better for your children!
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Reima - small changes everything!

For almost 80 years, Finnish functional children's clothing and footwear brand Reima has been working to ensure that children can play outside without worry in any weather and feel the joy of every movement. Reima also actively implements the principles of sustainable development to preserve the planet for future generations.

Every season we prepare for you new collections of outerwear, underwear, accessories and shoes, which are designed to meet the needs of active children. We are working to improve models and materials, and are constantly developing environmentally friendly functional new products. Bright seasonal colors and prints combined with comfortable fit and high quality both parents and children will like.

Mono-brand Reima stores are a favorite shopping place for children and adults: digital concept, easy navigation, detailed information materials and ready-made looks.

Our consultants are experts in their field. Knowing the needs of active children, we offer parents the right solution for choosing clothes and shoes at the right time.

For all fans of the brand, there is a Reima Club loyalty program, membership in which gives permanent discounts and guarantees that you will be the first to know about all the promotions and news of the brand.

Buy better for your children!

We are waiting for you at the Reima store on the 2nd floor of the King Cross Leopolis shopping center.

Phone: +38(063) 549 17 23


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+38 (063) 549-17-23 (Life)

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