Lava & Cuce is a new chain of shops located in large shopping centres of Europe and now in...
MON-SUN: 10am-8pm
+38 (032) 229-58-03
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Lava & Cuce is a new chain of shops offering services in:

  • dry cleaning and shirt ironing;
  • tailoring and rapid alterations (hemming, zipper replacements, mending etc.);
  • quick laundry and dry cleaning, suitable for all needs;

Lava & Cuce is a new company though the product of longstanding experience, reliability and know-how of the 1A CLEAN Group, which has been doing business all over Europe for more than 30 years, with over 400 dry cleaners opened either under direct management or as franchising.

The innovative Lava & Cuce system caters to all types of customer needs today, satisfying an ever growing market demand, which quite often cannot be fulfilled.

How often have you needed a shirt, only to find it still in the dirty laundry basket?

Or how many times have you needed urgent tailoring alterations in order to wear that item of clothing you have just purchased and just don’t know who to turn to?

Lava & Cuce is the solution: the winning answer regarding services offered in terms of quality, price and quickness!

With the most recent, state of the art equipment, Lava & Cuce is capable of dry cleaning and ironing most all clothing items in less than 90 minutes.

In just half an hour, Lava & Cuce is able to carry out most of the tailoring alterations required by customers.
Lava & Cuce, appreciation for the beauty in things done well.

Lava & Cuce understands that time is extremely valuable to all of us, this is why the quickness, convenience, and affordability of services offered by Lava & Cuce fully satisfies the needs of contemporary consumers who care about quality, and appreciate things done well and quickly.

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