GIULIA is a modern affordable brand, created for a women with active and comfortable lifestyles,...
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+38 (067) 550-50-21
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GIULIA is a modern affordable brand, created for a women with active and comfortable lifestyles, for women with delicate taste who prefer to be elegant.

Stockings and tights from GIULIA are made for women who want to feel irreplaceable and free.

GUILIA stores offer customers high-quality goods at affordable prices, coming from large-scale Ukrainian manufacturing facilities in the city of Novomoskovk, Dnipro region, where they are produced on specialized industrial equipment.

More than 60 stores all over Ukraine offer customers a wide variety of goods:

  • Stocking and tights
  • Socks and golf-stockings
  • Seamless underwear
  • Corset-based underwear
  • Home clothing
  • Sports goods (including swimsuits)

Our brand enlists over 2500 classic and fashionable collections of tights, stockings, and socks goods, which make up the core assortment of GIULIA stores.

GIULIA’s products reflect the latest trends, silhouettes, and color palettes. Every year, GIULIA participates in the international exhibition Salon International De la Lingerie (Paris), presenting our collections to European customers.

Our branded stores offer a line of products for men and children as well.

GIULIA’s goods are created using Italian techniques, on high-quality equipment built in Italy, Germany, USA, Japan, and the Czech Republic. Our products are made from yarn and clothing materials that come only from leading manufacturing facilities in Austria, Germany, Italy, Israel, South Korea, China, Turkey, Poland, and Romania.

Our Novomoskovsk knitwear manufacturing facility also exports products to Europe, UK, Asia, and Northern and Southern Americas.

We value quality and comfort, and we are always ready to surprise our customers with a wide assortment of high-quality goods at affordable prices.

If you walk into our store once, you will definitely come back over and over again!

+38 (067) 550-50-21 (Kyivstar)

Фінальний SALE. Лови вигідну ціну!



Знижки до -70% на товари від бренду! 

-купальники від 349 грн
-труси від 59 грн
-бюстгальтер від 249 грн
-безшовна білизна та одяг від 99 грн
-піжами від 149 грн
-шкарпетки від 19 грн
-колготки від 39 грн

Та ще багато звабливих пропозицій!


Вдягай ніжки до школи!


Обирайте красиві і практичні дитячі моделі шкарпеток, гольфів та колготок! Кольорові і однотонні, святкові й на щодень, базові й ажурні, бавовняні і тоненькі. 

У магазині Giulia ви зможете підібрати для своїх найдорожчих стильні колготки та шкарпетки як на офіційні заходи, так і на невимушені прогулянки. Спеціальна пропозиція – ціни на дитячий асортимент товарів з 13.08. по 31.08. починаються від 29 грн!

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