Terranova - is a successful and well-known Italian company, which specialized design, development,...
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Terranova - is a successful and well-known Italian company, which specialized design, development, manufacture and sale of youth clothing, which has a unique style and sense of fashion and shoes, underwear and accessories. As the birthplace of Commerce mark - Italy, we can safely say that people who wear this brand things, have excellent taste. Krychaschyy, bright and childish close clothes speaks to youth in one language.

The market fashion Italian company appeared in 1961, and originally was a company GARMENT industry group of companies open Teddy SpA. Success is not pledged to wait long, soon became brand development momentum of rapid, and since the mid 90's the company began to make a violent expansion aimed at conquering the fashion market overseas. Actively expanding its range of clothing, the brand increased sales geography.

Vittorio Taddey, founder of the brand, Terranova decided to release to the market not only as a brand but also as franchyzy. Therefore, in 2000 the overseas markets of Eastern Europe and Spain have already successfully sold their products to new youth brand.

Not long ago, Teddy SpA group of companies presented the public its new brand - Calliope.

Nowadays, under the brand name Terranova brand operates 550 mono-brand stores in 36 countries, including in his native Italy, Spain, USA, Russia and Ukraine, and offer dandies and women of fashion model quality and stylish clothes, shoes and accessories. The main distinguishing features of the brand - is available democratic price, elegant fashion for young, interesting accessories, unique accessories. Terranova stores often carry out various promotions and sales, during the period of which you can buy brand products at a discount of 10-15% and higher.

Дизайнери бренду розробляють одяг для своїх покупців в стилі wild casual, який представляє собою яскраві джинси, вкорочені сукні, зухвалі топи та футболки.

Designers are developing brand clothing for its customers in style wild casual, which is a bright jeans shortened dresses, tops and shirts daring.

Subtle trendy collection created for the brand Terranova little crazy new generation of young people who believe in themselves and take a maximum of life. Brand never betrays its fundamental principles - creativity, innovation, fresh ideas.

The products of the brand can afford to buy people with average incomes, among them students and schoolchildren, they make up the bulk of buyers


The slogan of «Spirito Italiano» («Spirit of Italy") is very suitable style of the company is the freedom, bright personality and ability to express themselves. These are the basic traits present to those who live the spirit of Terranova.

Direction lines brand Terranova - it's always a little sporty, a little street, stylish ripped jeans, T-shirts with elongated colored prints, coats and jackets are comfortable, free sarafanы summer, a wide range of accessories and, of course, bags that complement and emphasize your image.

Advertisements brand meet its youth style. Easy and carefree extravagance justified developers Collections youth.

Unlike competing brands, collections Terranova not produced seasonally, updating the entire range of occurring once every three weeks. Designers pay special attention to detail - all elements of great things have poyednyuvatys with each other.

If you want to look bright and stylish, but at the same bright and original, the way of Terranova - this is just what you need!

Freedom, self-assertion, bright personality - these are the traits of people who choose Terranova!

+38 (032) 232-83-40

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